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The Orff Institute: orffinstitut.at

The Orff Institute

The Orff Institute

The Orff Institute was founded in 1961 by Carl Orff (1895 - 1982) as a central seminar for his “Schulwerk” concerning elemental music and dance education at the Mozart Academy – now known as the University Mozarteum Salzburg (www.moz.ac.at). Today the institute is a training centre with a legendary past, a promising future and a lively current existence shortly after its 50th anniversary. The Institute has made a name for itself worldwide for innovative music and dance pedagogy through the contacts of its teachers and the many young people who have studied here since the beginning. An intensive and highly active network has emerged. It is coordinated above all by the Orff Schulwerk Forum (www.orff-schulwerk-forum.org) which maintains constant contact and exchange with Orff Schulwerk Associations throughout the world, and with the financial support of the Carl Orff Foundation (www.orff.de).


The Orff-Institute for Elemental Music and Dance Pedagogy is part of the department of music pedagogy.


Department of music pedagogy: Abteilung Musikpädagogik des Mozarteum Salzburg.